Resources & Links

Here are some of the sites and books I recommend.




If you would like to network with other palm enthusiasts, join the Southern California Palm Society.  Some of the benefits include:

A year of full color issues of The Palm Journal, bi-monthly newsletter, access to the PSSC website, Bimonthly meetings featuring palm garden tours with informative guest speakers, raffels and auctions and the annual banquet.



Click here to find out about the International Palm Society.




Click here to find out about the Cycad Society.



A MUST HAVE BOOKLET for So California Palm Growers

This exceptional Booklet is our # 1 reference guide. 

This is the best literature on palms for Southern California you can buy. It is a very practical guide for any palm grower with a nearly complete list of all the palms that can be grown in Southern California along with nearly all the cultivation information you will need. This 8.5" x 11" booklet tells the normal or expected trunk height, trunk width, overall width, leaf length, shade requirements, water requirements, speed of growth, lowest temperature, ability to tolerate dry heat, for every species -- all specifically for Southern California.


Click the link above to view a sample page and to purchase directly from the Palm Society website!  You won't be disappointed with this book!



RECOMMENDED BOOK -Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms

by Robert Lee Riffle, Paul Craft  ~ I find this book one of the best for general information on Palms. Robert Lee Riffle and Paul Craft have exhaustively documented every genus in the palm family. Approximately 890 species are described in detail, including cold hardiness, water needs, height, and any special requirements. Generously illustrated with more than 900 photos, this volume is as valuable as an identification guide as it is a practical handbook. It even contains photos of several palm species that have never before appeared in a general encyclopedia. Interesting snippets of history, ethnobotany, and biology inform the text and make this a lively catalog of these remarkable plants.




by Loran Whitelock  ~ Loran Whitelock is considered by many to be the world's premiere cycad horticulturalist. His thorough treatment of cycads worldwide will likely make this book THE authoritative resource on cycads throughout the world.  This book represents not only an opportunity to learn about and appreciate these magnificent, rare and endangered plants, it is also a testimony to Loran Whitelock's mission to bring these plants and their ancient message to the world.



RECOMMENDED BOOK - Cycads of Africa

by Douglas Goode ~ A complete treatment of African Cycads. Goode travelled to many hard to find (and sometimes perilous) locations to obtain photographs of some of the rarest African cycads. The photography in this book exposes readers to some of the first in-situ photographs of some species.



RECOMMENDED BOOK - The Palms of Madagascar

by John Dransfield and Henk Beentje ~ For the first time all the palms of Madagascar are described in English – 176 species, including 70 previously unknown to science. The book is profusely illustrated with 209 colour photographs, 185 line drawings and 172 maps. As well as full descriptions, there are chapters on cultivation, uses, collecting, habitats, conservation and classification.